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ANHAM’s Service Security in the Most Demanding Theatres of Operation

ANHAM FZCO has a reputation for operating in several of the world’s regions that are notorious for being underdeveloped and/or conflict zones. To operate successfully, ANHAM originally relied on satellite links to provide IT support for its operations. However, it quickly became apparent that the unreliability and slow service was not working for the type […]

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ANHAM Won’t Stop Innovating

ANHAM’s promise of exceptional service starts and ends with our ability to ensure every solution is tailored to the needs of our clients in any environment. As part of our mission to fulfill that promise, we created the Integrated Global Expenditures Tracking system (iGET). ANHAM’s iGET Systems has been heralded as a leader in the […]

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ANHAM Employee Profile | Sabina Eric

I joined ANHAM in October 2013 as an Inventory Coordinator for the PV Project in Afghanistan. My first assignment was in Kandahar, where I was in charge of controlling multi-temperature warehouses and containers. During this time I was promoted to Inventory Supervisor. The facility ran at an extraordinary pace, and despite this we were able […]

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January 15, 2017

ANHAM Employee Profile | Gilbert S. Ramilo

I joined ANHAM in October 2009 as a Site Supervisor in Leatherneck, Helmand Province, Afghanistan for the ANHAM LOGCAP IV Project, which served as a sub-contractor to FLUOR in Kandahar. I was in charge of the overall on-site supervision, and I directly reported to both the FLUOR Operations Manager, as a sub-contractor for heavy equipment […]

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