ANHAM’s PVA (Prime Vendor Afghanistan) and PVIJK (Prime Vendor Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait) Receive Commemorative Coins

In early November, the program leadership from ANHAM’s PVA (Prime Vendor Afghanistan) and PVIJK (Prime Vendor Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait), Andy Kittsen and Brad Dunn, attended the Food Service Menu Board in Qatar. There, they both were presented with commemorative coins from the Food Service Chief from ARCENT, CW5 McClain.

“You guys from ANHAM do an outstanding job in supporting the food service program and supporting the troops in very difficult locations. I have been continuously impressed with the service received under difficult circumstances,” commented McClain.

Over the past eight years ANHAM has transported 1.5 billion kgs of materials for US missions through the Prime Vendor Programs. ANHAM is grateful for the recognition from ARCENT and is proud to continue its service supporting the troops’ efforts throughout the Middle East.