ANHAM-ICSS JV Awarded Eastside Utilities Infrastructure Project

September 6, 2012

VIENNA, VA – The U.S Army Corps of Engineers, on behalf of the Middle East District, announced Tuesday that ANHAM-ICSS JV has been awarded the Eastside Utilities Infrastructure project in Bagram, Afghanistan. This contract will provide the location with an extension to the water treatment facility, new pipes, and four new wells among other improvements.

“We are honored to have been selected by the USACE to engage in construction projects in the Middle East,” said Mr. A.H. Farouki, Chairman and CEO of ANHAM FZCO. He added, “ANHAM is dedicated to providing quality service on time and on budget.”

ANHAM-ICSS JV is committed to its collaborative endeavor of performing efficient construction and design-build projects throughout South and Central Asia, the Middle East, and Northern Africa regions. ANHAM-ICSS JV was selected in 2011 as a candidate for projects with the USACE.

“ANHAM-ICSS JV’s experience in the region and field has prepared us for this project,” said Mr. Farouki. “We look forward to this opportunity to aid in the development of Afghanistan.”

The task order awarded is valued at $26.8M. The contract period of performance is 595 calendar days.