ANHAM Celebrates One Year Anniversary of Operations in Kuwait

September, 18 2011

VIENNA, VA – The 13th of September marked the one year anniversary of the first order of business at ANHAM’s operations in Kuwait. ANHAM ( ) started work in Kuwait one year ago at this time to provide unparalleled food, distribution and logistical services to Iraq, Kuwait, Jordan and other Middle Eastern countries.

Under the Prime Vendor for Food Supply Contract, ANHAM is the full-line food vendor for all perishable and semi-perishable food items, all chilled and frozen meat, poultry, produce and dairy products, all fresh and frozen bakery products, all fresh fruits and vegetables, all beverages and juices, and all non-food personal support items for all military and other U.S. funded personnel throughout Iraq, Kuwait and Jordan.

“We are proud to recognize the one year anniversary of our work in Kuwait,” said Mr. A.H. Farouki, CEO and Chairman of ANHAM, “the success that has taken place in this first year is a testament to what hard work and dedication can accomplish.”

Starting with just a few employees a year ago, ANHAM now has a work force of over 1,400 professionals in Kuwait. They operate three warehouses that have successfully carried out over 20,000 missions and have delivered over 18 million cases of product.

“We have learned a lot in the past year and we believe it has made us stronger as a company,” stated Fadi Nahas, Program Manager at ANHAM. “We are also thankful for the support of the DLA Troop, the US Military and the hard work and can-do attitude of our staff as we look forward to many more successful years in this contract.”

In its Prime Vendor role, ANHAM will continue to manage all risk associated with purchasing, storing and delivering food and beverage items to U.S. forces in the countries served in Southwest Asia. Many of the main food items originate in the continental U.S. In addition, ANHAM is responsible for storage, stock rotation and delivery to customers of government-furnished materials.