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June 2017

ANHAM Employee Profile | Mohammad Nazir

Nazir was hired as a HSEQ QA Coordinator on July 23rd, 2013 at the inception of the ANHAM SPV-A program. He immediately demonstrated a natural ability to perform the Quality Assurance Inspections required and had a natural rapport with the entirety of the QA Staff. It is his dedication and work ethic that made him […]

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ANHAM Employee Profile | Sayed Timor Shah

Currently, as an ANHAM Warehouse Supervisor, Timor oversees the entire dry warehouse operation. Timor started his career with Supreme Foods MOD here in Afghanistan in 2004 as a warehouse employee helping to create and develop a warehouse from scratch. This mission was successful and he was later promoted to a team leader position. He would […]

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ANHAM Employee Profile | Ahmad Jawad Haidari

From September 2011 to August 2012, I worked with (KTC) company, an ANHAM FZCO sub-contractor, as a site supervisor, monitoring the forklift and scissor lift drivers. The construction manager, Mr. Duraid Al Jabouri, was pleased with my work and suggested that I transition to work with ANHAM FZCO on the SPV-A Project. I was excited to […]

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